Not surprising considering few women are “Roofers”!

My answer is short and simple; “I’ve just always loved working with my hands and I’m not afraid of heights, so this was just a good fit”. But there’s a little more to the story.

One of my earliest “working with my hands” memories was when I was about 4 years old and helped my dad paint a small children’s picnic table every spring. He let me pick out the colors. It was Kermit green and Big Bird yellow, and I used to wear one of my dad’s old button-up dress shirts. I was in heaven!

Becca Haggard

Then I watched my dad build a deck on the back of our house, every day adding something more interesting to make a wonderful piece of art. It was so incredibly intriguing and nothing else kept my attention.

My older brother and I would build forts in the woods and then came the treehouse in our apple tree where it seems like I spent every waking moment. It was my safe spot where I would hide away all my favorite things

Around the age of nine, I sat on my first roof. Our two-story house had bedroom windows that opened out to the roof. I couldn’t resist venturing out onto it.

Fast forward through adolescence, sports, college, marriage, two children, and many hobbies, I decided to power up some tools and work with wood. I expanded my workshop and got more serious, making anything that would let me use my jigs, saws, and “guns” (drills and drivers).

I became a kitchen and bath designer/consultant and met a contractor that took me under his wing as an apprentice, of sorts. I learned drywall, basic electric, plumbing, finish carpentry, and more.

This led me to the roofing industry as an estimator. Each new project and client were a challenge. I focused on driving each project to the end. I never want to stop learning, growing, and satisfying my customers.

The natural next step…. Girl on a Roof.

Encouraged by Don Reilly, a professional contractor for 20+ years known for his integrity and quality workmanship, I knew I had found my partner. I pride myself on transparency and honesty, and with this mindset, we will inspire other women to reach for the clouds!

To that end, we offer them the opportunity to learn the skills and gain the knowledge to be successful in the roofing industry.

“I’ve just always loved working with my hands and I’m not afraid of heights, so this was just a good fit”.
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Becca Haggard
Becca Haggard


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